Weed Control-Bed Spraying in Grand Rapids

Perfection Lawn Care has an experienced weed control team. We offer weed control for both your lawn and landscape to the entire Grand Rapids area. Our licensed technicians use state of the art backpack sprayers to control weeds on your property. Although our weed control is not organic, it does not harm the environment.


Do It Yourself Weed Spraying

Although homeowner weed spraying is not as effective as if you were to hire a professional, we understand you want to save money. We recommend the following if you are planning on tacking weed control yourself:

  1. Mulch your landscape to keep the weeds at bay. Do not put landscape fabric down! This hurts plants because they do not receive the proper amount of water. Weeds will also be able to grow through this fabric over time.
  2. Apply Preen before putting mulch down. This will not only fertilize your plants, but help control the weeds.
  3. The next step is to wait. Even though you put down preen and mulch, some weeds will still grow. When weeds finally start to show, we recommend buying Grass killer with a high concentration of Glyphosate. You can buy it here. 
  4. Be extra careful around grass. The weed control we recommended and quite frankly almost every weed control out there, will kill your grass! Be sure not to step on an area you just sprayed as this will result in footprints of dead grass in your lawn.