Carpetweed Weed Information

Other Names: Carpetweed is also known as Whorled Chickweed, Indian Chickweed and Devils Grip.

Scientific Name: Mollugo verticillata

Life Cycle: Broadleaf Annual

How To Identify Carpetweed

Carpetweed has dull light green leaves on the top and a light color on the bottom with smooth stems and a taproot.

Small white/green petals start blooming in May and continue until November.

 How to Kill Carpetweed

The best way to control carpetweed is to have a thick fully-grown lawn. Carpetweed is seen most often in newly planted lawns.  To kill Carpetweed once it is active, either remove the weeds manually or use SpeedZone Herbicide.   Since carpetweed seeds germinate later than usual, a pre-emergent may not be as effective. However, putting down two applications of Dimension(one in April and one in May) has had good results keeping this weed at bay.