Chicory Weed Information

Other Names: blue dandelion, cornflower, coffeeweed, blue daisy

Scientific Name: Cichorium intybus

Life Cycle: Perennial

How To Identify Chicory

Chicory is commonly found around roadsides. It will grow in almost any condition but favor lime-rich soils. Chicory has light purple flowers flowers and looks like a daisy with different length petals. Since chicory is found in low maintenance areas like roadsides, it normally is seen in maturity being around 2-4 feet tall.


 How to Kill Chicory

Most broad leaf killers that contain 2-4-D will work. Examples include, Trimec and Speedzone. However, during certain conditions 2, 4-D MCPP and dicamba do not provide effective control. It may be necessary to spray it with products containing triclopyr like AquaSweep.