How to get rid of Crickets Inside

Why should you get rid of crickets?

Certain kinds of crickets such as a mole cricket can do damage to your lawn. Most do not hurt your lawn at all unless there are excessive numbers of them. That being said, house crickets and field crickets have been known to make their way into areas where they are not wanted such as houses or pole barns. Since crickets do not have a hard time getting into unwanted areas, they are viewed as a pest.


How to get rid of crickets

If the goal is to keep crickets out of a certain area, we have been successful in doing so with one product. Talstar P which has the active ingredient Bifenthrin is excellent at killing and repelling crickets. The great thing about Talstar P is that is can be sprayed inside as well. It is odorless and does not stain which makes it the perfect choice to keep crickets out.

Simply go around the perimeter of the house broadcast spraying the entire foundation and any cracks and crevices you see that are higher on the house. The outside dose should be mixed at 1 oz per gallon of water per 1000 sq. ft. Next, put in a lower dose (.5 oz per gallon per 1000 sq ft). than the outside treatment and apply it inside. Spray this in the rooms where you have seen them and focus on areas that they may be hiding such as dark corners, closets, under furniture, wet places, etc.


Do crickets fly?

Yes, some species of crickets such as the house or field cricket can fly short distances. However, you may have never seen them fly before because they usually are only seen hopping or crawling.