Fairy Ring Treatment


Fairy Ring Information

Scientific Name: Many Basidiomycetes

Turfgrass host: Annual Bluegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, perennial ryegrass, Fine & Tall Fescue

Time of Year: March thru November

How To Identify Fairy Ring 

Fairy Ring develop in areas that were previously forested or where stumps or other organic material was used as fill. It develops during the spring and early summer as circles of dark-green, fast growing grass. The reason a circle of green grass grows is because of the chemicals produced by the fungus. A clear sign that you have fairy ring is when mushrooms start to grow in the dark green grass after rain. The grass will normally die which will cause a yellow circle to appear in your grass.

Your area where the fairy ring is present will appear greener for a few weeks because of the excess nitrogen. Too much nitrogen causes the lawn to become stressed and die, so any kind of heat or stress will cause the grass to die. It is important to stop your fertilizer program if you think you have fairy ring. The nitrogen in the fertilizer will just add to the problem. 

 How to get rid of Fairy Ring

 If the fairy ring is green and has not died yet, you can fertilize the areas surrounding the fairy ring with a fertilizer high in nitrogen. This will mask the green grass caused by the fairy ring, but is not a long term solution. You also can dig out the affected area. This is a lot of work because it will require you to dig at least a foot deep and a foot wide around the fairy ring to make sure you remove all the infested soil. 

Fairy Ring Fungicide

The quickest and easiest option is to apply a fungicide on the affected area. There are a few different options when it comes to fairy ring chemical control. 

First, you can apply a granular fungicide that will control the disease for up to a month. This should be applied over the entire area of the fairy ring. The product we use is Heritage G Fungicide. This fungicide will also control other diseases that your lawn may have including snow mold and summer patch. You will need a spreader to spread this product evenly across your lawn at a rate of 2 – 4 lbs per 1000 square feet. The Earthway Professional Broadcast Spreader is easy to calibrate and easy to use. We use this spreader for all our fungicide applications.

Secondly, you can apply a liquid fungicide. The best liquid fungicide we have used for fair ring treatment is ProStar 70 WG. ProStar is specifically made to control fairy ring which makes it extremely effective at both curing and preventing fairy ring. To prevent Fairy Ring, apply 2.2 oz per 1000 square feet. To treat and existing fairy ring, apply this product at 4.5 oz per 1000 square feet. Yes, Prostar is expensive, but a jug of Prostart will last for several applications and is very effective at controlling fairy ring.

If you apply a liquid fungicide, you will need a sprayer. We recommend the Chapin Pro Series Four Gallon Backpack Sprayer. We also recommend that since you will be applying a liquid, Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves and Safety glasses are worn.