Grand Rapids Fertilizing and Weed Control

Perfection Lawn Care offers fertilizing and weed control in Grand Rapids for one reason: we want to transform your lawn from dead and weedy to green and healthy.


Have you ever been without food or water for while? When weeds over take over, your lawn does not receive the proper nutrients it needs to grow. That is why it is so important to let a Grand Rapids lawn care professional to kill your weeds and provide your lawn with proper nutrients for it to be healthy.


Unfortunately, many Grand Rapids fertilizing and weed control companies are in this industry just for the money. The water down there lawn treatments, and sometimes only pretend to apply fertilizer and weed control.

We are different. We would rather have you completely happy with our lawn service, then try and make a few more dollars by not applying the right treatment.

Key Benefits of Grand Rapids Fertilizing and Weed Control

Fertilizing your lawn is crucial if you want a healthy lawn. Lawn Fertilization helps your lawn stay green and eye appealing, and when your lawn is healthy it fights off weeds better. It also:

  •  Gives grass the nutrients they need
  • Gives grass deep roots and strong blades
  • Healthy lawns reduce weed growth
  • Green healthy lawns increase the value and appeal of your home.

1st Application: The first application is applied in the Spring. This application consists of a slow release fertilizer to jump-start your lawn and a pre-emergent crabgrass control. This application is important because crabgrass is very hard to kill once the plant has matured.

2nd Application: The second application is applied in late spring/early summer. This application includes a slow release fertilizer to keep your lawn green and healthy. It also includes spot-spraying any weeds we see in the lawn. This include dandelions, clover, and ground ivy.

3rd Application: The third application include slow release fertilizer and another round of spot spraying to control any weeds.

4th Application: The fourth application is arguably the most important application. It allows us to kill both the annual and perennial weeds. Dandelions and clover germinate in the fall. You may not see these weeds, but it is the easiest to kill them before you see them. A slow release fertilizer is also included in this application.

5th Application: The fifth application is also very important. This includes winterizer fertilizer which will protect your lawn over the winter and give it a jump start in the spring. We also spot-spray weeds during this application.

   How to treat those pesky weeds

Crabgrass: To prevent crabgrass from taking over your lawn, a pre-emergent herbicide must be applied in the spring. This herbicide will prevent the crabgrass seeds from germinating.

Dandelions and Clover: The best way to prevent dandelions and clover from ruining your perfect lawn is to apply broadleaf-weed control in the late fall. This application needs to be applied before the lawn goes dormant. Why should it be applied in the fall? What we are essentially doing is targeting the young weeds before you can see them. Once these weeds grow and become mature it is almost impossible to kill them.

Do It Yourself

For the best results, we recommend hiring Perfection Lawn and Pest Control to fertilize your lawn. However, if you insist on doing the fertilizer yourself, here is a guide.

Buying the Fertilizer

We recommend you go to Lowes, Home Depot, or a Family Farm and Home store to pick up fertilizer if you live in Grand Rapids. When you are picking up the fertilizer, look at the back of the package. There will be three numbers. Ex: 29-0-5. The 29 stands for Nitrogen. Nitrogen helps the grass grow and gives it the deep green color. Phosphorus is the second number. Phosphorous is for root growth. Potassium is the third number and helps the grass be resistant to disease and drought.

Buy Slow Release Fertilizer

Make sure the fertilizer you buy is slow-release granular fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers break down over time which allows you to wait longer between applications. It also helps prevent over application which will burn up your lawn.

Buying a Fertilizer Spreader

To go along with your Scott’s fertilizer, we recommend a Scott’s Spreader as well. Here is the spreader we recommend this fertilizer product. 

Calibrating the Fertilizer Spreader

 You should always calibrate your spreader before using it. If you do not calibrate your spreader you will either put too much or too little product down. If you have any questions on how to calibrate your spreader give us a call at 616-295-6680 and we can help you for free. If you put too much product down, you could burn your lawn. If you don’t put enough product down, your lawn will not get all the nutrients it needs.

Sweep Up the Granules From the Driveway

After you are done fertilizing, make sure you sweep up the granules off the driveway. This will help make certain that your pets or children will not pick the fertilizer pellets and put them in there mouth.