Foxtail Weed Information

Other Names: Wild millet, pigeon grass, bristlegrass, summer grass

Scientific Name: Setaria glauca

Life Cycle: Grassy Annual

How To Identify Foxtail

Yellow foxtail is often confused with crabgrass when the seedheads are not present. Fox tail leaves are roll up in the bud of the plant, the sheaths of the plant are compresed and a mid vein is very prominent. Heads up! Foxtail could kill your dog or cat. Foxtail seeds have barbs on them which could lead to serious internal problems in your dog or cat if they eat them or if they manage to get into them by ear, nose, or eyes. The foxtail seeds do not break down inside of your pet’s body. Instead it will cause an infection that could kill your dog.

 How to Kill Foxtail

Foxtail is killed the same way crabgrass is. It is best to put down a crabgrass pre emergent to prevent foxtail and crabgrass from growing. If that does not work, try different herbicides for grassy weeds. Mowing at taller heights and increasing nitrogen in your fertilizer will keep foxtails at bay.