How to get rid of Ants outside permanently 


Ants can be beneficial

Ants are beneficial for your lawn and landscape. Ants feed on larvae of grubs and cutworms which are harmful insect pests that can destroy your lawn. If you call all your ants, other insect species will overtake the area and potentially do more damage than the ant will. With that said, the ant mounds that these ants build are very unsightly in your turf and landscape. Ant mounds are bad for your grass. When ants build ant hills, they use soil which can cause grass roots to be exposed. These mounds also will cover up grass, which does not allow the grass to get any sunlight or oxygen.


How to get rid of ants

If you want to get rid of ants you can try homemade organic methods. However, there is a great chance that these will not work.

There are two different products that will work to fix your ant problem:



If you do not have many ant hills and want a large portion of the ants to live, Talstar is the way to go. Spraying this on your grass will make the vast majority of them move. Talstar has the active ingredient Bifenthrin that will kill the ants fast and also act as a repellant to keep ants away. This will only kill the ants that come in contact with this treatment.


Taurus SC

If you have a big ant problem and want to get rid of the entire ant colony, Taurus SC is what we recommend. Taurus SC has the active ingredient Fipronil which will slowly kill the ants nervous system, An ant that comes in contact with Taurus SC may live for over 3 days until it dies. This allows time for the ants to bring food back to the ant colony which will allow the insecticide to spread to all the other ants. This is not a repellant, so the ants cannot sense this insecticide.