HenbitWeed Information

Other Names: Henbit is also known as dead nettle, blind nettle, and bee nettle.

Scientific Name: Lamium amplexicaule

Life Cycle: Winter Annual. Reproduces by seed.

How To Identify Henbit

Henbit has round hairy leaves which have deep veins and coarsed tooth margins arranged opposite on square stems. Upper leaves are attached to the stem. The lower leaves are on petioles. Since henbit is a winter annual, it’s life is almost done when spring approaches.  Its flowers are a pinkish/purple.

 How to Kill Henbit

Mowing on a weekly basis and fertilizing 5 times a year will stop Henbit from reoccuring each year. Post emergent pesticides will take care of Henbit. Make sure you wait till Henbit is established before applying the pesticide.