How To Get Rid Of Henbit


Henbit Weed Information

Other Names: Henbit is also known as dead nettle, blind nettle, and bee nettle.

Scientific Name: Lamium amplexicaule

Life Cycle: Winter Annual. Reproduces by seed.

How To Identify Henbit

Henbit is a winter annual and emerges in the fall. Flowering begins in the spring and Henbit dies when the hot weather begins in June. Henbit grows the best in very fertile soils but also will grow in sandy soils. Henbit has hairy, rounded leaves and the leaves grow directly opposite with each other.

A mature henbit plant produces purplish orchid-like flowers. Henbit has a long tap root. Henbit is often confused with Creeping Charlie and Purple Deadnettle.

 How To Kill Henbit

Henbit control is not a hard task using the right chemicals. Since henbit is a winter annual, fall and early spring are the best time to spray it with chemicals. Spraying it during fall and spring suppress seed production, so the henbit will not spread across your lawn.

If you want to kill henbit before it germinates, Dimension 2EW should be sprayed on the lawn during late August. Another application during early spring will increase the effectiveness, and also stop other annual weeds from germinating.

Henbit Control with 24D Herbicide

If you want to kill henbit during the post-emergence stages, there are a few options. Gordons Trimec 992 Broadleaf Herbicide is one of the cheapest herbicides you can use. Trimec is not very effective on some weeds, but Trimec will kill Henbit easily. If you yard is overrun by henbit, Surge Broadleaf Herbicide will take care of Henbit with just one broadcast application. Whenever you use a herbicide with 2-4D, the herbicide should be mixed with a non-ionic surfactant. Surfactants are cheap and help the herbicide stick to the leaves of the plant. We use Southern Ag Non-Ionic Surfactant for Herbicides.

When you are using chemicals, there are a few precautions. First, wearing Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves is important when applying any kind of herbicide. It is also important to use a professional back pack sprayer that is comfortable to carry around your yard. We personally use the Chapin Pro Series 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer. This sprayer holds up to four gallons of herbicide, and the sprayer is comfortable. It is also one of the cheaper back pack sprayers you can buy, so it is good for homeowner use.

How To Control Henbit Naturally

The best way to kill henbit in your lawn without using chemicals is to grow thick healthy grass. Henbit normally grows lawns that are thin and sparse. To achieve a healthy lawn, fertilization is necessary. We recommend fertilizing your lawn at least twice; once in the spring and once in the fall. Proper water and weekly mowing is also necessary. If you lawn is invaded with henbit in the spring, it may die on its own when temperatures increase at the beginning of summer. Henbit does not do well in heat.