Common Lambsquarters


Common Lambsquarters Weed Information

Other Names: Common lambsquarters is also know as Lamb quarters, baconweed, frostbite, and pigweed.

Scientific Name: Chenopodium album

Life Cycle: Summer Broadleaf Annual

How To Identify Common Lambsquarters

Common Lambsquarters has as a short branched taproot, purplish angled stems, and jagged or irregularly toothed leaves. 


 How to Kill Common Lambsquarters

The best way to get rid of common lambsquarters is to mowing on a weekly basis. If you want to get rid of it using herbicides, we recommend pheonoxy acid used in combination with phenoxies, dicamba, or triclopyr. As you can see common lambsquarters is a pretty easy weed to control. Use herbicides as a last resort as normal cultural managment techniques will usually get rid of it.