Grand Rapids Mosquito Control


Perfection Lawn Care provides mosquito control in Grand Rapids, MI. Mosquitos are just plain annoying. Besides being a food source for other animals they do not have a purpose. So why not get rid of them?

Mosquito Control Program

Our Grand Rapids Mosquito Control Application not only kills your mosquitos, but also prevents your neighbors mosquitos from coming into your lawn. A licensed technician will first go around your property and access where the mosquitos are hanging out. He will dump out any standing water, and develop a plan of where to spray the mosquitos. Once he is done with this, he will put on his protective gear and start spraying the mosquito barrier. This is not harmful to the environment at all, although it could possibly kill other bugs that are not mosquitos. This, however, is not very likely. The technician will target bushes






Mosquito Control



Common Mosquito FAQ

 Can a mosquito bite more than once?

First, Males will never bite. Females will bite until its abdomen is full. Females use this blood to produce eggs. Once a female mosquito is full of blood, it will find a place to rest and lay eggs. Once it has laid eggs it will go find more blood.

 How good are mosquitos at detecting people?

 Mosquitos use a receptor that can detect carbon dioxide from over 200 feet. If you are 100 feet or less from a mosquito it can detect human skin.

How much blood do mosquitos drink?

Mosquitos drink about .001 millilters before their abdomen is full.

How far do mosquitos fly in their life?

Mosquitos normally fly below 25 feet in the air and do not fly very fast – usually less than 1 mile an hour. Mosquitos will stay within 500 feet of where they hatch.