Grand Rapids Perimeter Pest Control Program

Perfection Lawn Care can prevent insects from getting inside of your home with our perimeter pest control program.

Why should you use our perimeter pest control program

Our perimeter Grand Rapids pest control program will stop many different bugs from getting inside of your house. This includes Spider, Fleas, Crickets, Centipedes, Box Elder Bugs, Ants, Wasps, and more!

How does Perimeter Pest Control Work?

We will come out to your house and spray a safe, invisible insecticide around the outside of your house. This spray is harmless to pets and animals and will only affect insects. The spray acts as a repellent, and insects will avoid any area that is sprayed.  We will specifically look for cracks in the foundation and other places that pests may get into your house, and target those areas. In addition, we also spray areas where wasps may build nests, and spray any ant colonies we see around the property. We avoid spraying flowers to protect honey bees.

There should be a noticeable decrease in bugs in and around your house after the 2nd or 3rd application.  In order to keep bugs out of your house all year long, we recommend going with our 5 application treatment plan. This entails 5 separate treatments that will align with your fertilizing applications.