Plantain Weed Information

Other Names: Common Plantain, rippleseed plantain, Buckhorn Plantain, Broadleaf Plantain

Scientific Name: Plantago lanceolata

Life Cycle: Perennial. Reproduces by seed.

How To Identify Plantain

When you are mowing, plantain will generally lie flat on the ground with flower stalks extending upward. If plantain is not mowed flower stalks will extend upward and it will turn into a very big weed.

Broadleaf Plantain has broad leaves at the base of the plant. (see picture to right). Buckhorn Plantain has narrow leaves and its leaves tend to twist and curl.

 How to Kill Plantain

The best way to kill plantain is in the fall when soil temperature drops below 55 degrees. Late spring is also an option but is not as effective as applying it in the fall. Put down herbicides containing mixtures of phenoxy and non-phenoxy. Clopyralid is also an option.