How to Get Rid of Spotted Spurge

People want their lawns to look as great as possible, but there are things that can negatively impact your lawn. It is important for you to know how to identify spotted spurge so you can focus your attention on treatments that are going to be the most effective. A herbicide for spotted spurge may not be as effective on other weeds. However, this is an invasive weed that can grow quicker than you may seem to kill it. These are weeds that can really destroy your lawn and your landscape, which makes it even more important to handle this problem as soon as you notice it.

Spotted spurge is highly recognizable as a dark green plant that has red stems. These grow in lower to the ground, almost creating a similar look to that of a mat. The spotted spurge actually grows outwards, creating a design that resembles a wheel on a wagon. The leaves are shaped like an oval, with red spots in their centers. You will also notice flowers on these weeds, which are typically quite small and pink. You can also notice that these weeds almost look as if they have a hairy texture on them.

Once you have identified the weeds as spotted spurges, you need to know how to move forward in getting rid of your problem. Because of the nature of this weed, it is actually very easy to just pull the weeds when you notice them. These weeds grow back due to their seeds or parts of the roots that have been left in the ground. It is important that you are more stubborn than the weed is because eventually it can no longer grow in from the roots that have been left behind. You could also consider using mulch as a way to control the spotted spurge. When you cover spotted spurge areas with many layers of a wood or newspaper mulch, you are going to prevent the seeds from germinating in that particular spot as well as protecting plants that are growing nearby.

You do have the option of using herbicides as well for your spotted spurge problem. The issue with this is that you will need to use these products while the plant is still young. Once the spotted spurge has matured, it will be infinitely harder to get rid of them using this method. There are a few different options that have been successful for these weeds, but it is best to not let it get that far.

The spotted spurge is a weed that can absolutely destroy your curb appeal. It can be very important for you to face this problem head one and deal with it as soon as you notice it. This will be your best chance in beating the spotted spurge that wants to take over your landscape. These are just some of the options that you have at your disposal to get rid of these weeds before they do permanent damage.