Purple Deadnettle


Purple Deadnettle Weed Information

Other Names: Purple Deadnettle is also known as red deadnettle and purple cat’s tongue.

Scientific Name: Lamium purpureum

Life Cycle: Broadleaf Annual

How To Identify Purple Deadnettle

Purple deadnettle has purple/green leaves with a red square stem. Purple tubed shaped flowers show up in the spring. Purple deadnettle normally grows in clumps.

 How to Kill Purple Deadnettle

If you have purple deadnettle growing in your lawn, it is a sign that you are not maintaining your lawn right. If you routinely mow (once a week) and fertilize 4-5 times a year, the density of your turf will choke out purple deadnettle. Broad leaf post emergents will take care of purple deadnettle if you apply it in the fall.