Yellow Nutsedge




Yellow Nutsedge Weed Information


Other Names: Yellow Nutsedge is also known as Nutgrass and Yellow Nutgrass, or Swampgrass


Scientific Name: Cyperus esculentus


Life Cycle: Perennial


How To Identify Yellow Nutsedge

  • Stems and leaves are yellow-green/waxy
  • Stems are upright and triangular (roll the stem between your fingers and it will be easy to see if it is triangular).
  • Grows well in wet soils
  • Once it is established it will grow fast and stick up above the turf.



 How to Kill Yellow Nutsedge

Yellow Nutsedge is difficult to control, so if you have it your going to have to be patient and treat it consistently. Yellow Nutsedge tends to show up during cool, wet summers and it produces tubers underneath the ground and spreads easily because of this. Sometimes Nutsedge tubers may be dormant underneath the ground for years, and start growing once moisture makes its way down to it.  It may take several seasons to get Yellow Nutsedge under control because there are no labeled products that take care of Yellow Nutsedge. For cool-season turf use Halosulfuron or use a combination of Sulfentrazone with phenozy acids, dicamba, and quinctorac. Products that will suppress Yellow Nutsedge include Surge and Celero. Multiple application are required, sometimes for consecutive years, because many times the tubers underneath the surface will not germinate until the next year.