Landscape Bed Weed Spraying

Perfection Lawn Care has an experienced landscaping weed spraying team. We offer weed spraying for both your lawn and landscape to much of the Grand Rapids area. Our licensed technicians use state of the art backpack sprayers to control weeds on your property. Although our weed control is not organic, it does not harm the environment and it is completely safe for pets and children after the herbicide is dry. 

Weeds grow fast and can quickly overtake a landscape bed. Mulch is ineffective at keeping weeds at bay, and spraying the weeds is normally the only option. Our landscape bed weed control plan includes seven visits to your property. These visits are spread out throughout the year and normally include the months of April thru October. We cannot guarantee that we can kill every weed because many of them are close to plants. If a weed is growing underneath or extremely close to a plant, our technicians will not feel comfortable spraying so close to a plant for obvious reasons.

Our landscape bed weed spraying plan normally starts at $40 per month or $280 a year. Each landscape is unique because no landscape bed is the same size. If you are interested in recieving a quote for this service, fill out the free estimate request form to the left of this paragraph.

Why should you sign up Landscape Weed Control?

Controlling the weeds in your landscape beds will significantly increase the appearance of your home. When homeowners let weeds overtake their landscape beds, the weeds can grow tall enough to choke out plants and at the very least, make your home look like an unsightly mess.