Tree Service Grand Rapids MI

Perfection Lawn Care provides professional tree service in Grand Rapids, MI. We provide shrub and tree fertilizing, as well as assessments on your tree or shrubs health. It is important to state right out front that we do not cut down or remove trees. If you are in need of tree cutting service, we have a reputable company that we can refer to you. If you are looking for stump grinding in Grand Rapids, MI we also can refer you to a reputable company for that as well.

Why Should You Fertilize Your Trees?

Your trees need fertilizer just as much as your lawn. Trees have a hard time growing when nutrients are deficient in the soil. If you already receive fertilizing for your lawn, your trees most likely already use this fertilizer and your trees don’t need any more fertilization. Common problems that Michigan homeowners have to deal with is shrubs that are deficient in Nitrogen and Iron. Nitrogen can be lost due to leaching, so it is important to do soil tests every once in while to make sure your soil has the proper nutrients for any plants, grass, and trees on your property.

When to Fertilize Trees and Shrubs

Your trees should be fertilized anywhere from when the ground unfreezes in March until May. This is when much of the tree growth happens, and it is important to fertilize when the tree is growing the fastest.

What Fertilizer Should You Use

We recommend you have a soil test completed before deciding what fertilizer to apply. As a general rule, a fertilizer with Nitrogen will help the most for Michigan trees. Avoid applying Phosphorus unless a soil test shows that your soil is deficient of Phosphorus. Phosphorus will kill fish and other wildlife if too high of a rate of it is applied.

This may be obvious, but if you are using a fertilizer that includes a herbicide for your lawn or landscape, avoid applying it around trees.

How We Fertilize Trees and Shrubs

We fertilize your trees and shrubs by either injecting the soil with liquid fertilizer with a special stake fertilizing tool, or fertilizing around the tree with a granular fertilizer. Both of these techniques have shown to give about the same success.

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Tree and Shrub fertilizing is usually not enough to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. Perfection Lawn Care also maintains them as well. We do this by providing tree trimming, bush trimming, and pruning. We do not do tree removal in Grand Rapids, but we can connect you with a professional and insured tree service company in Grand Rapids upon request.

Our Grand Rapids Tree Service Area

Perfection Lawn Care provide tree fertilizing services to the following areas: North East Grand Rapids, Belmont, Ada, Comstock Park, Cascade, and East Grand Rapids and Rockford. The zip codes include 49321, 49306, 49525, 49505, 49503, 49301, and 49546.

Unfortunately we do not provide tree fertilizing service to the entire Grand Rapids area. However, we have great relationships with other amazing tree service companies and will gladly refer you to a respected Grand Rapids Tree Service company upon request.