Grand Rapids Mole Removal

Have a Mole Problem? You came to the right place! Perfection Lawn Care is the Mole Busters of Grand Rapids! We have the resources and the know-how to solve your mole problem. Before hiring us for mole control, it is important to understand that moles cannot totally be eliminated. They can only be controlled.

How Do We Control Moles?

We control moles by trapping them. With years of experience and an understanding of a mole’s habitat, our team has had success in solving many mole problems. For clients who cannot afford our mole trapping services in Grand Rapids, we use bait instead. Bait is not as effective and it is harder to tell if you actually killed the mole. However, we have had success with both trapping and baiting moles.

Some Unknown Facts About Moles

Mole’s are one of the strongest mammals on earth

The main source of food for moles is earthworms

Moles can eat up to 100% of their weight each day!

A Mole that does not get enough food can die in a few hours

Moles are not blind. They have eyes, but these are very small.