Ants Benefits and Damage

Ants are beneficial for your lawn and landscape. Ants feed on larvae of grubs and cutworms which are harmful insect pests that can destroy your lawn. If you kill all the ants on your property, other insect species will overtake the area and potentially do more damage than the ant will. With that said, the ant mounds that these ants build are very unsightly in your turf and landscape. Ant mounds are also bad for your grass. When ants build ant hills, they use soil which can cause grass roots to be exposed. These mounds also will cover up grass, which does not allow the grass to get any sunlight or oxygen.

Ant Control

Perfection Lawn Care offers ant control and removal for all of Grand Rapids, MI. Our pest control program includes applying a human and pet safe insecticide on your lawn each month. This application will not kill every ant in your lawn, but will kill many of them. The goal of our ant pest control program is to kill a significant amount of ants so they stop needing to build ant hills that cover up parts of your lawn. However, there will still be enough of them to continue to keep other unwanted species, such as grub larvae, out of your lawn.