Cricket Control


Cricket Identification

Most of the house crickets you will find around this area are around 20 mm in length. House crickets have long atennae and large hind legs.


Why should you get rid of crickets?

Certain kinds of crickets such as a mole cricket can do damage to your lawn. Most do not hurt your lawn at all unless there are excessive numbers of them. That being said, house crickets and field crickets have been known to make their way into areas where they are not wanted such as houses or pole barns. Since crickets do not have a hard time getting into unwanted areas, they are viewed as a pest. Crickets love dark damp areas which is why you may see them in your basement throughout the year. Crickets mainly move into your house in late fall when winter is approaching and the vegetation is starting to die. Crickets cannot withstand the cold Grand Rapids winters so they are merely seeking protection from the cold, and food crumbs in your house. Crickets do not just eat food crumbs, but are also know to damage your fabrics, paper, and leather in your house.

Cricket Removal

Crickets normally get into your house by finding cracks in your foundation. We offer a perimeter pest control program to prevent crickets from coming getting into your house. We spray an insecticide that is safe for both humans and pets around the perimeter of the house three times a year. When crickets come into contact with this the residual from this spray, they will die quickly.