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Grand Rapids Lawn Care Service


Are you looking for lawn care in Grand Rapids, MI? If so, you came to the right place! Perfection Lawn Care is a full service Grand Rapids lawn care company providing both residential and commercial customers. Our current team has many years of experience and wants to add YOU to our list of happy customers! Many of our current clients are full service customers that hire us for at least 2 of the following services: Lawn Mowing, Fertilizing/Weed Control, Core Aeration, Mosquito Control, Mole Control, and Perimeter Pest Control. Because we offer pretty much any service you can think of for your lawn, we are a one-stop shop for any service you may need. Stop hiring different companies for your lawn mowing and fertilizing. Instead of paying two or three separate bills, just pay one!

You might be wondering:

Why should you choose Perfection Lawn Care over the other 50 companies that showed up in my Google search results? Here’s why:

  • We are a local company where the owner works in the field
  • We use organic based fertilizer in order to keep your kids and pets safe.
  • Very Fast professional estimates (Click here for an estimate!)
  • Easy Online payments. No need to send checks in the mail. Just pay right on our website. Don’t worry it is safe an secure!
  • We are competitively priced, but we DO NOT compete on price. We believe the quality of our work speaks of itself.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured (ask for proof and we will provide it!)
  • Our whole staff is knowledgeable and licensed to do work on your lawn.

And that’s not even the best part!
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you are not happy with our services, we will come back and work on it until you are happy! All you have to do, is give us a call and tell us why you are not happy. It’s that simple. Will this cost our company extra money? Absolutely. But if you are not happy, we are not happy and we will do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied.


Our Most Popular Services:

Lawn Mowing
Lawn mowing is done weekly and consists of mowing your lawn, trimming around obstacles, edging pavement biweekly, and blowing off all paved surfaces. The Grand Rapids lawn mowing season starts in Late April and runs until mid-October. Although mowing is not our primary service, we have the expertise and equipment to make your lawn look great!

Fertilizing/Weed Control
Our lawn fertilizing/weed control plan consists of 5 or 6 applications. Our spring application includes crabgrass preventative which will help prevent crabgrass from coming up in the summer. Applications 2-4 include premium slow release fertilizer and we will spray any weeds we see. Our fifth application is the most important. This includes a fertilizer that is high in potassium which helps your lawns roots and winterizes the grass. We also spray any weeds we see so they do not come up next year. 

Core Aeration
Core Aeration is done in the spring or the fall. This service consists of taking out 3 inch plugs out of your lawn so proper nutrients can reach your lawn’s roots. Aeration can be one of the most important services that your lawn needs. because it also helps with compaction. As an optional add-on, we can spread seed after completing aeration, to help you grow grass in any bare spots you might have.

Perimeter Pest Control
Do you have a problem with pests getting into your house? Try our perimeter pest control program. This consists of monthly service where we spray around the foundation of your house to provide a barrier against insects. Insects that this barrier stops include ants, crickets, wasps, box elder bugs, spiders, and more. Also, if you have an ant problem in your grass, our perimeter pest control program works great to prevent these pesky insects from making more ant hills in your beautiful grass. Do not worry! This treatment is kid and pet friendly!
Mosquito Control
Are the mosquitoes bothering you? Do not let them ruin your summer. Hire us for mosquito control and enjoy your lawn while its still warm out! A licensed technician will come out and assess your property, determining where the mosquitoes are breeding. He will then spray these mosquitoes and create a barrier to keep your neighbors mosquitoes away from your property!
Mole Control
Are moles ruining your lawn? You are not alone. Every year hundreds of lawns in Grand Rapids are ruined because of these pesky animals. Baiting does not work, so we come out with traps, and find where the mole is most likely to surface.

We provide Grand Rapids lawn care services to the following areas and zip codes:

Rockford, Belmont, Comstock Park, Sparta, NE Grand Rapids, Ada, and East Grand Rapids.
49525, 49505, 49306, 49341, 49345, 49301, 49544

If you are looking for lawn care in Rockford, Belmont, Comstock Park or Grand Rapids, MI we encourage you to give us a try!